Content Lethargy

In our field of work (content creation), one thing that remains constant is content. It keeps changing its shape and structure, but the same content remains in front of our eyes during the entire life cycle of a project. In the case of projects that go on for a year or more, sometimes, it becomes... Continue Reading →

Levels of Copyediting

This post is second in the series of my posts on copyediting. In the first post - Introduction to Copyediting - I explained what is copyediting. In this post, we will look at the levels of copyediting and understand their requirement. The levels of copyediting tell us how far and how deep copyediting will be... Continue Reading →

Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learning, as the name suggests, is the learning model in which the learning process is directed or controlled by the learner. In this type of learning, the learner makes the decisions regarding which learning path or levels to pick/choose/follow and which to skip. For example, during the Teacher’s Training program, the trainees are asked... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Copyediting

From this post on copyediting, I am starting a series on English language editing (Editing and proofreading). This series is based on the book “The Copyeditor’s handbook” by Amy Einsohn. Her book has guided in my journey as a proof reader and now it’s my turn to bring her points to all of you in... Continue Reading →

Blended Learning – Why is it the best Learning Approach

What is Blended Learning Blended learning is an instructional approach where the learning is imparted using both the traditional face-to-face classroom training and online training through videos, chats, social media platforms, or webinars, etc. It is not just a combination of teaching modes but also a combination of Instructor-controlled and learner-controlled learning. With blended learning,... Continue Reading →

Flipped Classroom Approach

What is Flipped Classroom Approach Flipped classroom approach is the reverse of the traditional classroom learning method wherein the learners are given lecture in the classroom and given tasks or practice exercises as homework. In case of flipped classroom, the learners are given the study material to be read at home. The learners then come... Continue Reading →

OCM – On the Sidelines

If you have worked as an OCM consultant in any development project, you would know what the topic of my blog means. You may be one of the many OCM team members/leads who get to state their status in any project meeting right in the end. You would also be used to being called upon last... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Perfect ILT

ILT refers to Instructor led Training and is one of the commonly used methods to impart training. This method is primarily used in class rooms where the learning is imparted by the instructor to the learners. The ILT materials mainly consists of Class room training deck (PowerPoint slides), instructor and student guides, and exercise sheets.... Continue Reading →

Editing Beyond the Rules of Language

"We edit your words, your writing, your sentences and paragraphs... but never your voice." - ― Rogena Mitchell-Jones If you are an editor or if your friend is the one, you will often hear them saying, "it is so hard to truly appreciate and enjoy someone's writing, as the editor in me takes over and I... Continue Reading →

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