How to Write a Perfect ILT

ILT refers to Instructor led Training and is one of the commonly used methods to impart training. This method is primarily used in class rooms where the learning is imparted by the instructor to the learners. The ILT materials mainly consists of Class room training deck (PowerPoint slides), instructor and student guides, and exercise sheets. The ILT sessions are further supported by the pre-requisite online courses and post-session assessments and job aids. In this article, we will talk about how to create a perfect ILT Power Point deck.

Before starting to create an ILT, we need to make sure of the below points:

  1. The course structure* and training approach have been finalised
  2. The scope of the course has been identified and verified by the Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  3. The course curriculum has been created with the following elements clearly defined:
    • Course objectives (terminal and enabling objectives*)
    • Types of assessments or knowledge check questions to check the learners knowledge against the objectives
    • Type of graphics and content representation techniques to be used
  4. The course outline* for the course has been created

We can follow the below steps to make sure all points to create an effective ILT have been covered.

  1. Once the course outline has been created, create an initial shell based on the course outline.
  2. Enter the content for each topic leveraging the reference material provided by the SMEs.

Best Practices of ILT

3. Define and follow the quality review process to ensure the technical and language accuracy of the content.


In my next blog, I will write about how to create a course outline and how to define terminal and enabling objectives.

Happy reading and please post your feedback.


*Course Structure: The course structure details the number of topics and their sequencing in the course. Ideally, the course structure is defined as follows:

Course Structure

*Terminal Objectives: Terminal objectives are the performance statements that defines a learning activity to be completed in measurable and specific terms.

Enabling Objectives: Enabling objectives are the set of supporting objectives that should be completed to achieve a terminal objectives. A terminal objective is broken down into smaller and manageable objectives.


*Course Outline: A course outline is a document that serves as an initial content shell of the course. It contains the names and small description of the sections and topics that will be created in each course.




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